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COVID-19 Artist Grants Announced!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Salisbury Arts and Entertainment District is pleased to announce a COVID-19 Emergency Grant opportunity for area artists, as well as, arts and entertainment related non-profits located within Wicomico County with a strong connection to the arts district.

A total of $11,250 will be granted out to the community, with award amounts ranging from $250 - $2,000, made possible by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council. Interested artists and organizations are encouraged to submit an application by May 31, with awards announced June 25, 2022.

Individual artists must be residents of Wicomico County over the age of 18 that have experienced a loss of income from artistic activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals must also have participated in art related activities within Salisbury Arts District at some point in the past. Activities that qualify include participating in events like 3rd Friday, showing work at a Downtown Salisbury Art Gallery, selling works within the Arts District via retailers, or performing at venues in Downtown Salisbury – including at bars & restaurants. Applicants and awardees from previous emergency grants are eligible. Local visual artists and performing artists are encouraged to apply.

Local non-profits can also apply that have an organizational mission related to the arts. Organizations must also have experienced a loss in income, and be able to demonstrate some connection to Salisbury’s Arts District. The boundaries of the Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District are congruent with the general Downtown Salisbury footprint.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting our society. The creative arts sector has been hit particularly hard, as so many artforms require gathering and in-person experiences. We are so grateful to the Maryland State Arts Council for the opportunity to help support our area creatives, and to help keep the arts alive in Salisbury” says Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District’s Executive Director Jamie Heater.

A selection committee made up of District Board Members will go through each application to determine award amounts. Applications are available online, or a physical application can be requested via mail.

This grant program is funded by the Maryland State Arts Council - thanks MSAC!

Apply Online Today -- Click Here For Application

To request a physical application in the mail call (410)-774-6145 or email


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